A Turkey Named Irwin

Hello, my name is Irwin. I was named after the great Steve Irwin, and I am a heritage breed turkey. I am very glad to be here at Welcome Home Ranch. I truly feel loved by everyone here, especially my best friend who takes extra good care of me, like giving me extra food and cold water on hot days. I really need this since I am a giant turkey weighing about 45 pounds. I’m pretty relaxed nowadays; I like to hang out in my house or walk around with my chest puffed out. If you didn’t know, I can change the color of my face to red, white, and blue. Pretty sweet, huh? For some of you, you’ll have to see it to believe it. If you ever stop by come say hello, I love to talk. However, don’t come inside my cage or I’ll bite your face off. If you have any trouble understanding me just ask a student to translate, they speak fluent Turkey.

Hope to see you soon,

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