My Beautiful Pigs!!!

You know, when people look at pigs, they see fat, ugly, stinky, and worthless. I see an oversized dog. Let’s talk about my male pig Boris. He is a Japanese Berkshire pig; I guess a very expensive type? Boris was donated to us here at Welcome Home, and I have the privilege to take care of him. Boris is just a big dog to me. When he sees me enter his pen, he runs over won’t leave my side. Casey and I also discovered that he lays down on his side if you start rubbing his belly. LOL . However, all the brothers here pretend they don’t like him, but deep down they all have love for him.

My other pig is a female Japanese Berkshire named Bertha; she’s okay. After all that’s said and done, I still find myself loving my pigs and speak highly of them, even when they stink. People love to come over to the ranch and feed the pigs. Please stop by and show them some love if you can. They’re sweet and don’t bite, they love McDonalds. —Welcome Home Ranch student

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