2016 JVA Student Calendar

Welcome Home Ranch board member, Nicole Carson Bonilla, photographed and designed a 2016 calendar featuring the John Volken Academy students at Welcome Home Ranch. About this Calendar By Nicole Carson Bonilla “A positive self-image can easily be damaged by the effects of addiction. My inspiration and purpose for shooting this calendar is to help improve

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Graduation of Casey and Mike

It was an incredible evening last night at the graduation of Casey and Mike, students of the John Volken Academy at Welcome Home Ranch! Family and friends gathered to congratulate these courageous young men in their victory over addiction. It is a battle they will continue to fight but thanks to the John Volken Academy

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WHR Hope Garden Sign Reveal & Dedication

The first Arizona Agri-Women meeting was held at Welcome Home Ranch on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  The Arizona Agri-Women is a state chapter of American Agri-Women—the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with over fifty states, commodity and agribusiness affiliate organizations throughout the country. WHR board member, Nicole Bonilla, was the first speaker

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Letter from a Welcome Home Student’s Mother

The Welcome Home Life Skills Academy has three campuses in Vancouver, Seattle and Gilbert (Welcome Home ranch). We want to share with you a letter written by the Mother of a student living in the Vancouver campus. The student’s name has been changed for the purpose of this blog. Dear Welcome Home, We would like

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Students Visit Chandler Firefighter Training Center

The students at Welcome Home Ranch were treated to a tour of the Chandler Firefighter Training Center set up by Kenny Crouch. Battalion Chief Norm Germain led the tour and taught the students about the firefighter code and basic life-saving skills. The students were each given the chance to run through the firefighter obstacle course

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Caught Red-Pawed!

Caught Red-Pawed! This is Lucy and Hammy; they are my dogs. They are brother and sister, and thus look alike. I tell them apart by their heads: Hammy is the boy, so his head is slightly larger. I love them both very much. I am responsible for feeding them and giving them water. We gave

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A Turkey Named Irwin

A Turkey Named Irwin Hello, my name is Irwin. I was named after the great Steve Irwin, and I am a heritage breed turkey. I am very glad to be here at Welcome Home Ranch. I truly feel loved by everyone here, especially my best friend who takes extra good care of me, like giving

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My Beautiful Pigs!!!

My Beautiful Pigs!!! You know, when people look at pigs, they see fat, ugly, stinky, and worthless. I see an oversized dog. Let’s talk about my male pig Boris. He is a Japanese Berkshire pig; I guess a very expensive type? Boris was donated to us here at Welcome Home, and I have the privilege

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