Caught Red-Pawed!

This is Lucy and Hammy; they are my dogs. They are brother and sister, and thus look alike. I tell them apart by their heads: Hammy is the boy, so his head is slightly larger. I love them both very much.

I am responsible for feeding them and giving them water. We gave them haircuts a while back because they were getting pretty hot during the day.

When they first arrived here we didn’t know the dogs’ names. However we quickly found out that they respond to just about anything as long as it is positive and uplifting. Eventually, we found out that they went by Rusty and Dusty; no one knew which was which.

For a while we called Lucy Digger because she digs big holes to sleep in and escape the heat: she’s pretty smart. One day she was escaping the kennel and we couldn’t figure out how she was getting out. So, we pretended to leave and watched her from a distance. Shortly afterward, let’s just say she was caught red-pawed. She was putting her paws in the fence and climbing right over it. She’s definitely the wild one.

Hammy, on the other hand, is short for Hamuel and he is pretty much more laid back. He just hangs out and sleeps for the most part. But he is fun too: he gets up early to watch the sun rise. Every day, that’s when he is the most active, I think that’s because it isn’t so hot yet. When he gets excited he jumps and falls down a lot: he is very clumsy, it’s like his paws are too big for him or something.

All in all my dogs are great; in the morning I call them Floppy and Sloppy. I’m confident that my dogs, Lucy and Hammy, could fight a whole pack of coyotes and live to see another day. —Welcome Home Ranch student

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