The Welcome Home Life Skills Academy has three campuses in Vancouver, Seattle and Gilbert (Welcome Home ranch). We want to share with you a letter written by the Mother of a student living in the Vancouver campus. The student’s name has been changed for the purpose of this blog.

Dear Welcome Home,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Welcome Home Society.

When we first heard about Welcome Home I was reluctant to send our son so far away with no contact. In fact, while I was sitting in the airport on our way to the program, I actually considered turning around and coming back home. I called my husband crying as I sat in the airport telling him I don’t know if we are doing the right thing. His response was firm, we have no other choice. This was our last chance and the alternative wasn’t good. We had tried other programs nothing worked and we reluctantly proceeded on.  The handoff into the program was quick and emotionally difficult. In fact, I returned to my hotel and cried the remainder of the day on into the next morning. I continued to question whether we had done the right thing, was he safe, what if he needed us, etc.    A friend who referred us to the program continued to tell me “have faith”. This is what blind faith is about. I hung onto those words with every bit of my being.

Our son Seth has been in the program 1 year now. My first visit to see him was on Mother’s Day and I must say, it was the BEST Mother’s Day gift ever. For the first time in Seth’s life he was actually holding his head up, shoulders strong and making eye contact. He has thanked us repeatedly for getting him into the Welcome Home program and said it is the best thing that ever happened to him. It is hard but worth every minute.  With a smile on his face he said “Mom, this is the Navy Seals of addiction programs and saving my life. It is hard but I can do it. I’m learning life skills to help me cope so that I don’t return to my addictions”.

We recently attended the Welcome Home Society Run for Recovery function and it was the first time Seth’s father had seen him since he was enrolled in the program. His father’s eyes were filled with amazement when he saw Seth. I could see the happiness in his eyes as they twinkled with joy. I can honestly say it was the best, most genuine hug the two of them have ever had. We continued to be impressed with all of the Welcome Home family approaching us with such sincere warmth. We felt so welcome and part of the family. Every one of those young adults are so impressive with their conviction for sobriety and success. 

We can honestly say this program is the best thing that has happened to our family.  Welcome Home Society has given us hope and given us our son back!  We know he has more work to do and must continue on in the program but we know he is safe and in good hands and working hard to be the best he can. Words cannot express how grateful we are that our son was fortunate enough to be part of this program. We will forever be grateful to the Welcome Home Program. For any of those parents feeling just like I did in the beginning let me say one thing, “have faith”.  The journey is so worth it!

Thank you for all you do and your unending commitment to save these young adults lives. 

Seth’s Mother

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